The receiver cover with the integrated Picatinny rail of B-33 is compatible to all models of the Kalashnikov and carbines constructed on the basis of AK. Allows to carry out installation of any aim adaptations mounted on Picatinny rail. Provides constancy of average aiming mark on the installed aim adaptations, at repeated opening and closing.

Technical characteristics:

The cover of a receiver of B-33 is the milled product made of a D16T aluminum alloy with a covering of black color, is mounted on handguard by B-10M or B-30, by means of five screws (four screws form four points of support of an arm of a cover of B-33 on handguard and one screw forms an additional (fifth) point of support, fixing B-33 cover arm on a receiver) and forms Picatinny 170 mm long level over a Kalashnikov receiver, not blocking line of an aiming when using regular mechanical aim adaptations.

The mass of a cover - 215 + 10 gramm. Overall dimensions: 300 x 40 x 37 + 5 mm.

ATTENTION: This item no longer comes with a full return spring mechanism due to supply issues. It will come with the spring assembly tab that you can replace your standart one with, as all AK owners already own a return spring assembly b default.

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B-33 "CLASSIC" Railed Dust Cover

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