Weapon wearproof TAIGA color was developed in 2016 for painting of all types of sporting and hunting weapon. Color was developed in scientific research institute of paint and varnish coverings with one Russian weapon the plants. 

Color passed a full stroke of factory laboratory tests

. High resistance to scratches and mechanical influences.

In case of influence of heat - 300ºС color does not burn out about 10-15 min.

Palette more than 20 flowers. Any color and a shade are easily tinted.

Aluminum, D16T duralumin, many types of plastics is applied with a pneumopulverization method on any kinds of metals and alloys.

Standard Set of weapon Taiga color.

The amount of color in a set is enough for painting:

 1-2 full-size rifles or 2 joint stock company. 

90 ml (ready compound). 

Color any on a choice.

Primary colors:

1. Olive Green

2. OD Green

3. Khaki Army

4. Flat Dark Earth

5. Sand / Beige

6. Flecktarn Brown

7. Coyote Brown

8. McMillan TAN

9. FAB Defense Green

10. FAB Defense TAN

11. Red signal

12. White

13. Gray

14. Black graphite

15. Black 

16. Brown 

17. Chocolate

18. Green Moss

19. Green Grassy

Precautionary measures:

Flammable liquid!

To make drying and painting strictly in the aired location. 

In case of the long contact with skin color can cause allergic response therefore it is recommended to use gloves.

Can do harm in case of ingestion. 

In case of hit in eyes it is urgent to wash out water and directly to see a doctor.

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